Aircraft Charters

White River Air offers a fleet of three De-Havilland beavers and a De-Havilland turbine otter.

All our aircraft can be configured for passengers, gear, fuel, combination and freight.

These aircraft are known for versatility, reliability and unsurpassed performance in our rugged wilderness.

White River Air’s fleet are kept in top notch condition and are maintained exclusively by Springer Aerospace. With over forty years experience this team of professional mechanics provides exceptional quality aircraft maintenance that exceeds Transport Canada’s standards.

Turbo Otter

The Turbo Otter is the most versatile and dependable seaplane operating today and can seat up to 9 passengers. The Otter is capable of hauling large loads including building supplies, equipment as well as external loads such as boats and canoes.

  • Up to 9 passengers

    Length: 13.78 m (45.21 ft)

    Height: 3.76 m (12.34 ft)

    Wingspan: 17.44 m (57.22 ft)

    Speed: 210 km (130 mph)

  • 1 in fleet

    Maximum Operating Altitude: 3000 m (9842.52 ft)

    In Production: 1952-1965

    Power: 750 hp

    Capacity: Up to 2400 lbs

Our Turbine Otter operates on floats and is available from May through October.


The 6 passenger piston De-Havilland Beaver is the most successful bush plane and has been the main stay of the White River Air fleet since the 1950’s. With its large bubble windows and lower charter cost, it’s a great choice for sight seeing and smaller parties.

  • Up to 6 passengers

    Length: 10 m (32.81 ft)

    Height: 3.18 m (10.43 ft)

    Wingspan: 14.67 m (48.13 ft)

    Speed: 180 km (110 mph)

  • 3 in fleet

    Maximum Operating Altitude: 3000 m (9842.52 ft)

    In Production: 1947-1965

    Power: 450 hp

    Capacity: Up to 1200 lbs

Our three piston Beavers operate on floats and are available from May through October.