Garnham Lake Outpost (South)

Deluxe Wilderness Outpost

  • Remote Location

  • Saturday Fly-in/Fly-out

  • 30 miles northwest from airbase

  • Northerns & Walleyes

  • Perch & Whitefish

  • Parties of 6 – 8

Garnham Lake, 30 miles (20 minutes) northwest from the base is 9 miles long x 1 mile wide with a rocky structure which is weedy at the north end. The depth is variable from 10 to 40 ft, shallow at the south end and deep at the north end.

The cabin is 20 x 20 of wood frame construction with built in beds and foam mattresses, Coleman lanterns for light, a wood burning air tight for heat, a full size propane refrigerator, full size propane cookstove with oven. All cooking utensils and dishes are supplied.

A 14 ft aluminum boat with 8 hp outboard is provided for every two adult fishermen.

Recommended tackle for Northerns is spinners, spoons, plugs, anything BIG, 15 lb test line, medium action rod and for Walleyes, jigs & Minnows/crawlers, 6 – 10 lb test line, light – ultra light rod.

There is one other cabin (ours) about 2 miles away on an island. We limit both camps combined to 125 fishermen per season to ensure the high quality of the fishery is maintained.